Prolongs the quality of skin life

  • Applicable to any skin phototype
  • Reduces melasma, chloasma and melano-hematic pigmentations
  • Visible results in a few days
  • Rejuvenation of the skin
  • High tolerance, high safety treatment
Photoaging, hyperpigmentations and facial seborrhea

The series of changes that take place in the organism as a result of the passage of time are known as cutaneous aging.

The photo aging of the skin, caused by an excess of exposure to the sun throughout life, and the spots that appear due to an increase in pigmenting, are related to the increase of melanin caused by the hyperactivity of the skin’s melanocytes. In general these are difficult to deal with and it is only through a modification of the melanogenesis that it is possible to eliminate certain melanogenic imperfections and pigmentations.

Seborrheic skin is characterized by a certain redness of the skin, an increase in the secretion of grease and pores that are more dilated than normal. This is a family characteristic, which can be aggravated by various factors, psychological, nutritional, hormonal, etc.


Fundamentals of the product

Cimel differs from other types of rejuvenating, depigmenting process offered on the market in a series of exclusive features:

  • The technique produces a quick depigmentation without causing significant desquamation, as is the case with medium or intensive chemical peeling.
  • Only a light peeling occurs, similar to what appears after exposure to the sun with intense erythema.
  • It is very effective with any sort of melanic or melano-hematic pigmentations.
  • It allows for exposure to the sun when a certain time has passed after the treatment without the spot reappearing, as long as the maintenance treatment continues to be used at night and an adequate sun protector is used during the day.

The pigmentations and lentigos resulting from photoaging, both facial and on the extremities, are also notably cleared up. People affected by melasma and/or chloasma with photo-types II to IV and mixed-greasy skin are ideal candidates for this treatment, since in only a few months the hyperpigmentations can disappear.

Cimel Protocol

For the application of Activator and Maintenance - please download the protocol.

Can this product be used at home!

The treatment is minimally invasive. It’s a superficial peeling in which the sun protector and skin repair improves and maintains the results. Sensitivity of the patients depends on each patient. Usually, the mask can cause a redness on the face which will not last more than 48 hours, accompanied by a slight exfoliation which can last from 2 to 4 days, but is not necessary that the patient stay at home, it is important to use the Skin Repair and Sunblock Protector as directed.